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Excerpts from reviews of Turning Points of Rock and Roll

This smoothly written book mixes music, social change, business and technology as it proceeds chronologically, reviewing such happenings as Elvis Presley’s and Chuck Berry’s early recordings; Dick Clark’s American Bandstand; Beatlemania; the Monterey Pop, Woodstock and Altamont music festivals; the Live Aid concert; and the growth of MP3s and Napster. 8 of 10
- William Keogan, The Celebrity Café

Excerpts from reviews of Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright: The Bob Marley Reader:

 BEFORE THE inevitable not another Bob Marley book! leaves their mouths, fans of the reggae king should take a browse through Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright , a new tome by American writer Hank Bordowitz. It was released July 1 in the United States by Da Capo Press.
- Howard Campbell, The
Jamaica Gleaner

Was Bob Marley the most influential artist of the 20th Century?  Bordowitz’s book begins with this highly debatable claim, yet the entertaining collection of essays that follow establish a convincing argument. ****
- Nick Moore, Q Magazine

The book abounds with engaging writing…the book’s thoroughly open approach presents an intellectually populish map to one of the 20th century’s most enduring figures.
- Jesse Jarrow, Relix

 Generally well written and offering many viewpoints, this collection is a great read for casual readers and longtime fans.
- Bill Walker,  Library Journal

 Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright: The Bob Marley Reader (Da Capo) edited by Hank Bordowitz compiles an array of essays, reviews, features and analytical pieces about Marley in a manner that's often illuminating, occasionally exasperating, but never dull or boring.
- Ron Wynn, City Paper

 Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright synthesizes all these aspects into a cohesive reading experience, and deals with him as a political, spiritual, musical, and above all, human force;
- www.bobmarley.com

Excerpts from reviews of The Bruce Springsteen Scrapbook

The author has captured Bruce Springsteen and has made him part of our Rock'n'Roll life, even if we thought we knew Bruce before.
- John Shelton Ivany’s Top 21 syndicated column

Excerpts from reviews of The U2 Reader:

U2 fans, along with people interested in the band’s cultural impact, will want to read this book.
- William Keogan, Celebrity Cafe

The U2 Reader has big-name contributors -- Elizabeth Wurtzel dissecting Achtung Baby for the New Yorker; Salman Rushdie recalling a pogoing session with Van Morrison in Bono's living room -- and profiles cribbed from everything from Time to Star Hits...
- Tom Doyle, Blender

A collective will to succeed does bleed through the 300 pages of The U2 Reader. Something had to take the band from winning a trophy in Limerick to performing at the Super Bowl. Still, sheer ambition only explains a portion of the band's Story So Far. Anyone attempting to compile a good retrospective needs to give fair, representative time to all the key themes of the past twenty-five years. No, more than that -- he needs to give all themes equal time and to present them in some coherent fashion and to be entertaining, not just erudite and not to run on too long.
- Angela Pancella, @U2.com

The U2 Reader was also featured on VH-1, in Goldmine, The Bergen Record, Relix, as well as on numerous radio stations across America.

Excerpts from reviews of Bad Moon Rising:
Bordowitz’s recounting of all the acrimony is well detailed and not too hyperbolic.  This is must reading for CCR-philes...
- Booklist

Bordowitz provides evenhanded treatment of highly charged issues.... persuasively demonstrating that CCR has earned their reputation as one of the most important bands in rock history.
- Publishers Weekly

Bordowitz brings CCR’s complex story to life...[he] never takes sides or passes judgment yet brilliantly illuminates the tragedy of CCR’s lost potential.”
- Literary Journal

If Hank Bordowitz’s Bad Moon Rising isn't ‘the saddest story in rock ‘n’ roll,’ ... it certain comes within kissing distance.
- USA Today

This man IS the ultimate music writer/journalist. He knows everything there is to know, and puts a pen to paper like poetry. If you want to know what is worth listening to, talk to Hank.
> Douglass Hoppe - Xenomusic


Having worked with hundreds of freelance critics since launching a review web site in 1994, I can state with assurance that Hank Bordowitz easily ranks among the finest. Hank has all of the qualities that I hope to find in a freelancer. His writing is entertaining, clear, credible, and free of errors. Hank both a fine writer and a dependable employee. He always returns assignments in a timely fashion, and he always keeps me apprised of his status. Working with Hank is a sincere pleasure.
- Dan Finely - Publisher, PreAmp.com

My "go-to-guy" for the offbeat and eclectic subjects in the world of music.  He's also very quick!!!
- Len Fico, President, Fuel 2000 Records

Hank Bordowitz - He is an entertainment guru, for sure.  I sent him my demo CD, with a flyer for my upcoming performances.  One of the songs is "Everybody Eats When They Come to My House," and he made the connection that it would be perfect for a radio program on 710am, "Food Talk," with Arthur Schwartz.  So, he led the way, and the next day I was featured on the program!  The clip is now on my web site...
- Vickie Smith, singer, www.vickiesmith.com.

Of all the articles written about the history of "Peanuts" on television and about the history of Vince Guaraldi, the article by Hank Bordowitz was the best over a 40 year period.
- Lee Mendelson, Producer of all of the Peanuts TV Specials

Hank Bordowitz is a fine writer and one of the best damn pop culture journalists on the planet.  I just wish we could afford him."
- Dominic Salemi, editor and publisher of Brutarian

I don't care if the preamble to this Web site says that Hank's career "has
taken him to television, radio, records, the web, infinity and beyond." Hank
is Hank because, after all these years, he's still got the music in him. And
he hasn't turned into a movie critic.
- Ken Richardson, entertainment editor, Sound & Vision magazine

As a professional, I've hired Hank Bordowitz to create a World Music library for an internationally distributed satellite radio system and he developed a World Class product from scratch. As a fan of outstanding music journalism, I've read Hank's various chronicles of music history and find him to be thorough and entertaining. In every way, Hank is a learned and passionate man of words and music with no parameters to his abilities.
- Lou Simon, A&R Executive and Radio Consultant.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Hank Bordowitz on the construction of a web site about opera. I found him scrupulous in his attention to detail, and always eager to create an enjoyable atmosphere at work.
- William Hicks, Conductor, Voice Coach, Pianist, Metropolitan Opera (1995-2001), London Sinfonietta (2001-present)

One of the most fun panels, as well as being informative, was focussed on artist management. Sean Agnew, Hank Bordowitz, Jerry Lembo, Missy Collazo and others had a Marx Brothers delivery and a savvy real-world spin on how to get your message through to industry people.
- Polar Levine, PopCult.com (www.popcultmedia.com)

Hank Bordowitz is a veteran journalist and author with that rarest of celebrity-media credentials, a bullshit detector. Whether he's writing about Creedence Clearwater Revival, the latest boy band or a professional wrestler, Bordowitz will paint the picture and give you a solid opinion on the subject without pulling his punches.
- John Swenson, journalist and editor

Freelancing for Hank was always a pleasure: He's fair, thorough, professional, and an all-around nice guy who encourages and edits writers without removing their "voice." Now, would someone please give this guy his own magazine? I need the work!
- Elianne Halbersberg, freelance journalist

Hank Bordowitz is an intelligent journalist whose curiosity knows no bounds. He has an ability to explore many facets of our lives, from ethics and morality to dietary preferences, and then synthesize them into one coherent body of work that stands on its own to represent the individual or subject about whom or which he is writing.. He is trustworthy and in my estimation, has impeccable integrity, a quality valued in journalism.
- Debbie Friedman, songwriter & performer

Hank always knows which writer to choose for the job, and how to shape the work of a number of different writers into a coherent voice for a publication!
- Brian Ives, Freelance writer and MCY correspondent

Hank is a man we go to not only for editing and writing about music, but lots more. His copyrighting for our Good Music Record catalog and Yestermusic.com web site is always on the money. As former editor of Sheet Music, and currently as one of our primary contributing editors, Hank was and is a most reliable and knowledgeable source. What's even more fun about working with Hank is his downright enthusiasm for every assignment he tackles.
- Ed Shanaphy, President, The Music Group/ Publisher, Sheet Music Magazine

Hank Bordowitz is a terrific writer. He has a special knack for turning out lively, colorful copy that informs, entertains and persuades. When a freelance job comes up, he is at the top of my list.
- Stuart Isacoff, Editorial Director, The Music Group

It's always a pleasure working with Hank. His work is consistently excellent and you always deliver exactly what is needed. Thank you on behalf of PRP and all of our clients.
- Patti Mitsui, PRP Public Relations

One of the most knowledgeable music aficionados that I've had the privilege of working with. When you first meet Hank you are waiting to see if he's really a music industry historian and visionary or if he's going to garner a pair of WWF tights and put you in a headlock! Only because I respect him so much and understand his sense of humor can I jest like that. Without Hank's never-ending pool of musicology, MCY.com's web site would have been dry as the Sahara. Unfortunately, a crooked CEO, General Counsel and "brother-in-law" who all give Enron Execs a run for the money put an end to the public's ability to view some of Hank's best MCY writings. Rock on Hank!
- Richard Stumpf, Director of Marketing & Licensing, Cherry Lane Music

I've known Hank Bordowitz for almost twenty years. He's got a good soul with a passion for music and writing.
- Mike Fagien, Publisher, Jazziz

Hank Bordowitz has been my editor several times over the years, and I always come away from the experience as a better journalist.  He's caring, consistent, and passionate in that role, in addition to being a fine scribe himself and a bottomless well of music knowledge and experience.
 - Don Kaye, Rock Program Manager, Sirius Satellite Radio

Hank has a unique ability to get a concept across to the marketplace. Insightful and responsive,we rely on him for our internet marketing campaigns.
- Peter Primamore, President Kingsize Music, Inc.

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