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An editor with consummate credentials and connections, over the past 20 years, hand has edited well over a dozen magazines and web sites.

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As the Director of Editorial Content for MCY.com, Hank controlled the content for not just one but two separate, content rich web sites – the original site, which needed to be updated regularly and the version 2.0 site that the company launched in January of 2001.  Every word on both sites was assigned, edited and proofed by Hank as he supervised his staff of four and his loyal army of freelancers. 
Earlier, Hank totally recreated the Tuff City web site, creating all the sound files, scanning all the pictures and laying out all the pages.

Hank edits with wit, intelligence and flair.  He has brought his trademark touch to bear on such publications as Sheet Music, a magazine subscribed to by nearly a quarter of a million music aficionados. 
As managing editor of Wizard, the Guide to Comics, he brought order to the chaos only an organization run by a dozen comic and gaming fans could cause. 
However, one of his favorite things to do as an editor is inventing magazines out of nothing.  He has done this several times, creating with the publisher to bring a vision to print.  Interactive Quarterly covered the cyberotica market for the consumer market, while it’s sibling publication Interactive Business covered the market from a B-to-B perspective.  He also got the opportunity to script and edit the stories for an interactive magazine on CD-ROM, IQCD-ROM
Other titles Hank helped bring to fruition as primary editor were various special issues of Creem including the popular Heavy Metal Hall of Fame, the Music and Performing Arts trade FocalPoint, Rock Fever and many others.  Additionally, he served as senior editor on Rock Scene, Metal Mania, and Concert Shots

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